Feedback from clients ...

"I was really nervous - being a ‘woman in a mans world’ but you made me feel really comfortable - loved it - especially the head massage - thank you” ... Carol

"You actually listened to me and were genuinely interested in my health and welbeing" ... Tom

"I've had many massages over the years and that was the most relaxed I have ever been ... thank you!" ... Ushan
"Where do I start? That was awesome!
You're a really great guy - I'll be a regular for sure" ... Sam
”Your experience shows - long strokes - perfect pressure - amazing” Alex
"You're charging way too little for your services ..." ... Simon
"You know I've had hundreds of massages all over the world and yours is by far the very best - you stay focussed on me - checking in to make sure I am comfortable and your massage is awesome ... I nodded off a couple of times too!" ... Michael


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