My Massage area ...

It's a very clean, comfortable and relaxed environment for my clients – nothing less than what I would expect when I'm a massage client.

There's soft music and lighting to assist your relaxation and of course its warm in winter and cool in summer.



 All towels are fresh and used by you only.  When washing my towels I use an anti-bacterial / fungal and disinfectant product (Canestin) to ensure zero transfer of anything to anyone.

 My massage tables are cleaned with Benzakonium Chloride – a commonly

 used anti-bacterial agent that ensures zero transfer of anything to anyone.

 I regularly bleach my shower to ensure it remains pristine clean and fresh.


 Call in from work, gym, sports - anywhere

 As mentioned, there's great shower and bathroom facilities - so if you like, come straight from the gym, work or anywhere else


OR why not head off to those places after your massage? 


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